What does it mean to be at Peace?

Peace can come in many forms, going to the mountains to hear and feel the energy of the earth. Going to the beach to see the majesty of the ocean. HavingĀ  peace from within is so important. Feeling the oneness with the Creator helps to calm the heart and soul. Allowing the challenges of life to refine our purpose. What is our purpose you might ask, I believe it is to help everyone around us, whether it is just a smile, a simple hello, or a helping hand. We are all brothers and sisters, we come from an almighty source and are here to love and support each other. Think about what you can do to help another person today.

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Garden Feng Shui

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Welcome to the meaning of peace!

Today is Easter and what a glorious time to celebrate becoming uplifted and enlightened!

So many that I come in contact with ask how to have peace in their lives.

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